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Document Attestation

The Process of Certificate Authentication is done to avoid the forgery practiced by few people. The Certificates are attested by the Ministry of External Affairs under strict rules and tools, along with the authorization verification of the Ministry of HRD.

All attestations are authenticated from:

HRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development)
MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
State Home Department
The Concerned Embassies

Before going abroad

Before going abroad, you have to do several steps fo certificate attestation from India. Out of that the Embassy Attesttaio very important step in certificate attestation. The foreign country companies for applying for the visa process, they will asl the attestation of the concerned certificate.

They need only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) locally from the destination country. But while trying to get the MFA attestation, basically from the Ministry, they will ask the other steps of certificate attestation.

The other steps all are done in the origin country of the certificate. We can do all the certificate attestation procedure from starting to the end of the procedures of certificate attestation.

Before Embassy Attestation

Before doing Delhi embassy Attestaion, two steps are to be done, one is from the Home department from concerned state other is Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Then only Delhi embassy will accept the certificate attestation.

Both the Educational and Non Educational Certificates should be attested from Delhi embassy if its for the purpose of the foreing countries.

Going in GULF countries?

When a person from India go abroad for job his certificates has to be authenticated by that country's embassy or consula India. Since there are many Indians working in GCC countries - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Kingdom Saudi Arabia (K United Arab Emirates (UAE) it is necessary for them to attest their documnets in corresponding foreign embassy or consula Delhi or Mumbai.